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Period Tracker
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Period Tracker Free APK Download for Android

Period Tracker keeps you aware of your period routine. It predicts the dates for your next month’s period. It also predicts the PMS and the time when you are more or less likely to get pregnant. You just need to track in your period diary and let us aware of what else you want to know there, and the app will take care of the rest of the things itself. Even if you are worried about your mood swings because of your menstrual cycle, the Clue will let you know everything regarding that perfectly. So make the most of this period tracker and say goodbye to your worries.
There is not only period tracker in the Clue but also the period calculator and calendar are there. You can quickly calculate and examine when you are going to have your next period with the help of it. It sends you a period reminder as well. You also get the PMS reminders from it. You can find the unique patterns about your menstrual circle. Besides, Period Tracker lets you aware of your fertility when you are to approach your expected fertile window. You can easily track your moods, pain, sex, cervical fluid, pills, birth control and much more.
The Period Tracker also includes twenty-eight plus period diary tracking categories which consist of cramps, emotions, periods, even your sleep, exercise, skin, hair, cravings, energy, and others. The app has no annoying things like other period trackers. The Period Tracker is very fast and easy to use. With the help of it, know all about your health lifestyle and get information in depth about your menstrual cycles. It says everything with an authentic medical and scientific references.
The app is smart enough to learn from your data that you input about your period. It will get smarter as much as you use it. The Period Tracker allows you to protect your privacy by a customized passcode. It maintains the historical outline of your previous menstrual cycles to observe trends about your period easily. Moreover, you can have a hold on your backup data with Period Tracker. By downloading this app, you agree to the End User License Agreement at .