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APK Version: 1.1

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Now you can forget anything because Pinote is here to remember all that. A very useful and helpful app where you can make notes, write diary, record videos, capture photos etc. and access them from Pinote whenever you need them. It records all the details that you may need in future. Add notes, reminders and write your diary whenever and wherever you are. Add videos, audios and photos where you need it.


You can also share your notes, clips and stuff with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social apps. This app has a very easy user interface. You can easily add entries with few clicks and access them anytime. You can always edit your entries and add more stuff to them. It’s all in your hands whether you keep the old notes or delete them.


On the main page of the app, you can see a button ‘Add entry’. Click on it whenever you want to make a new note. Long press on any entry to see the various options you can treat the note as. You can also sort your memories by Distance, location or time.


More features of this app are as follows.



Make memories and forget forgetting!

Developer: Calford




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