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Quick PDF Scanner FREE
Quick PDF Scanner FREE
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Dev: MobiSystems Latest Version: 5.1.636 Updated: Apr 26

Quick PDF Scanner FREE Free APK Download for Android

Quick PDF Scanner is an absolutely free app developed and published by Mobi Systems for the android operating system which allows you to digitize any of your paper document into a pdf file and then you can keep those files, documents, and pictures forever in the soft form. When we have all those bills, receipts, and other paper documents, there are always good chances that we are going to lose them unless we make a digital copy of them. Getting a computer scanner and then digitizing these documents is a difficult task and that is why you needed an easy solution. Well, if you have got an android smartphone then your problem has just been resolved. Now with Quick PDF Scanner app, you can digitize any of your paper documents and pictures simply by taking a picture of these documents. To get the app, download the free Quick PDF Scanner FREE apk right now from our website.

Listed below are some of the best features of this app.

  • Quick PDF Scanner is an absolutey free app.
  • It makes digital copies of any of your paper and picture documents.
  • It saves the files in pdf format so that you can read and see them in your pdf viewer.
  • You can share these digitized files with email or social media share with your friends.
  • Take pictures or scan the documents to digitize them.
  • Faster scanning sensors to save your time.
  • Portrait and Landscape mode for the pictures.
  • You can add effects and do customization to the pictures and other documents.
  • Supports BMP, GIF, PNG, WEBP, and JPEG image formats.