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App name: RAM Clean

APK Version: 1.0.2

File size: 0.64MB

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For a smoother working phone, a smooth working RAM is important and essential. When your phone gets stuck, or the performance is slow, it's all because of the RAM not working properly. You may have installed some apps that are eating your data and memory. Those apps can also create load on the processor and cause the RAM to overload and stop working smoothly.

Let me tell you how important it is to install a complete cleaner app that cleans your device and makes it work smoothly. A cleaner is a simple app that clears junk files, malware and harmful files that are a burden to your phone's processor and makes it to work slow. The performance of the processor and RAM widely depends on how clean your phone is.

Along with cleaning the excessive files, junk files and apps, it also boosts and clears your memory up to make the processor's performance better and enhanced. When all the harmful and junk files get deleted, the memory also gets a fling in the storage and your phone becomes more smoother and faster with it.

This RAM boost app is a simple tool to make your phone work faster and your RAM to function properly by cleaning all the junk files and boosting the RAM'S performance. Download the APK file to get your system on the track!

Developer: KoreyLand


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