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Root Booster
Root Booster
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Dev: Dominik Nožka Latest Version: 3.0.1 Updated: May 31

Root Booster Free APK Download for Android

Download Root Booster APK. Root Booster is the most intelligent app to improve the performance and battery life of your Android tablet or the phone. The app applies some crucial settings over your device to ensure that it runs smoothly and its batter also lasts long. By modifying some core settings, Root Booster ensures that your device's processing power isn't used by unnecessary apps as well as it terminates several unnecesary backgorund processes to prolong the battery life of Android phones and tablets.

Root Booster is free. Get its apk file for free now to boost your Android device's processing power as well as make your device's battery long last. Find the apk download link below now to install Root Booster on your device.

Generally, when you kill an app, still several of its services keep running in background. These services where slow down the processing power of your device, they drain the battery power too. Your device's RAM will be consumed and the processor will stay busy too. To free the memory (RAM) and to prevent unnecessary battery power drainage, download Root Booster APK file right away.

Please keep in mind that Root Booster is for rooted devices. If your Android tablet or the phone isn't rooted already, download KingrootRoot MasterTowelroot or any other similar app to root your device first and then try this app to improve the performance of your phone or the tablet. Download the app for free at below given download links.