Super-Bright LED Torch APK

Super-Bright LED Torch
Super-Bright LED Torch
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Dev: Surpax Inc. Latest Version: 1.1.7 Updated: May 19

Super-Bright LED Torch Free APK Download for Android

Super Bright LED Flashlight is a very marvelous and miraculous app of the flashlight. It is the most excellent and outstanding app for your Android phones and tablets. It is a vivid daylight app which turns your devices into a dazzling flashlight. It takes the full advantage of the LED light with its essential lighting tools. It has got many astounding features in it. You cannot have any flashlight more brilliant than this one for your Android devices. Besides, it is entirely free of cost with all of its remarkable features.

Super Bright LED Flashlight also supports the blinking mode. You might never have experienced the brighter flashlight than it. It is guaranteed you that once you install it, you are certain to experience the best flashlight ever. It makes you feel that you are using the real flashlight with its genuine and outstanding features. It is very convenient for your Android phones or tablets. You can quickly switch it off and on with just a single tap. As it supports the Blinking or Strobe Mode, it also allows you to adjust the frequency of blinking. To enjoy a bright light without carrying any extra torch, download Super Bright LED Flashlight APK file on this page.

Super Bright LED Flashlight has got advanced features of graphics and splendid themes. It amuses you with the best of its stunning graphics. Besides, you can switch the themes of it. It has got the decent color light as well. You can use the nice white flashlight every time, and can enjoy its amazing graphics. Moreover, it is way speedier than any other flashlights. It is admired the most for its rapidity and velocity. One more interesting thing, that it does not consume your battery very much. Super Bright LED Flashlight is a very light and simple app which does not let your battery get down rapidly. You are allowed to adjust the blinking frequency of Super Bright LED flashlight.           

It is a very straightforward app. It does not have lots of useless functions in it. It has got a cute penguin icon. You just need to tap the penguin and the LED light turns on right away. It has not got any bothering features which you do not use and do not want in any flashlight app. It has been only made for the purpose of light, and so does it. You can find most recent version APK of the app on this page.

It does not let the device switch to the sleep mode. If you want to use this simplest flashlight app, you are supposed to have an LED flashlight in the back of your phone, only then the Super Bright LED Flashlight will work. Download latest APK file of the app for free on this page.