URL Shortener v3.0.5 APK

App name: URL Shortener

APK Version: 3.0.5

File size: 3.98MB

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URL Shortener is the fastest and easiest way to reduce long URLs and get their click analytics. Now sharing long links has become way easier and quicker for you. You do not need to send long links, as URL Shortener is here to help you out. It lessens URLs and squeezes them into the smaller number of characters to make links far simpler to share. You can also tweet and email links to your friends by using URL Shortener. Reducing URLs is very useful, and it leaves more room for delivering what else is in your mind to deliver. For an instance, there is a long URL like ‘https://play.google.com/store/apps’, now by the help of URL Shortener you can make it ‘http://goo.gl/n7IMF2’, which is a more convenient and precise representation.
This application is free to download. You can easily access the analytics of any exact URL. It can include the raw click counts and their dispersal across different platforms, referrers, geographical locations and many other browsers. URL Shortener also helps you in accessing your history any time which is all the times synced with ‘goo.gl’. Furthermore, you are given multi-colored analytics reports of any of the reduced and short URL, not only yours. URL Shortener is the very beneficial and easy to use application.
Moreover, with the help of Android Beam, you can move a short URL onto any other device just by tapping both of the devices at once. It allows you to shorten links through “share” in any apps, and you can get abounding notifications. Besides, you can save and star your favorite ones. URL Shortener also lets you share and generate QR codes.
If you have got any complaints or your suggestions, please contact us by emailing or on Google +. Your reviews will be highly appreciated. You can also help us translating this app, feel free to contact at ‘translate@tdevaux.com’.

Developer: Thomas Devaux


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