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Winamp Music Player
Winamp Music Player
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Dev: Winamp Music Player Latest Version: 1.4.15 Updated: Jul 03

Winamp Music Player Free APK Download for Android

WinAMP is a radiant media player. It is one of the lightest media players for Windows Android and it is very compatible mainly for mobiles. It was developed by Dmitry Boldyrev and Justin Frankel in the year of 1997. WinAMP is the very reliable app. It has got a big media library. Besides, you can add tracks to it as per your wants. It has got various extraordinary features which you will get to experience once you install it. The current versions of WinAMP are too astonishing. The formats it supports are the following; .ape, .tta, .mpga, .dff, .mp3, .dsf, .wav, .opus, .ogg, .wv, .umx, .mpc, .mod, .m4b, .mo3, .m4a, .it, .mp4, .flac, .xm, .s3m, .aac, and .mtm. There is also the CUE Sheet support in it. Moreover, there are ten band equalizers. It has UI dark and light version of the Bliss Skin. It detects the data encoding in tabs automatically.

The app supports album arts as well whether they are from tags or the file folders. Besides, it supports a broad range of playlists. There is also an internet radio support. Moreover, it can downmix multi channels audio files to stereo and downmix audio files to mono (optional). In addition, WinAMP is able to register playing tracks as ringtones from the player. It can also repeat playlist, tracks or playback without going over. Moreover, you are allowed to play the music from your file managers. Furthermore, it controls playback from notification area in the Android Version 3.0 and over it. You can use headsets as it is able to control playback via it. 

If you love this amazing free music player but were unable to find a way to install it on your device then you are now at the perfect place. We have brought the latest version APK file of WinAMP which can be used to install the app on any device running Android OS. Download APK and install the app to start enjoying your all music in an innovative way.

It is a very organized app which groups your files in a pattern and template. It also allows you to sort your files the as per your needs manually. It has got a filtering mode in it as well. You can search files in that mode and can set it the way you like. Deleting options are also there. You can delete any file physically. It allows you to load files from your SD card or any folder in your phones. Download WinAMP APK file (latest version) for free from here.

With WinAMP for Android, you can easily and quickly add all music from the selected folders. If you just want to play those files without adding them to it, it separately allows you to play them from the File Manger applications. Moreover, it confers the standard lock screen for Android v4.0 and newer with an elegant theme. It works as a widget even for the desktop screens. Finally, it is a fantastic app with its advanced features to enhance your media experience. Download APK file for free! Do you need any kind of help? You can then join their Facebook page here to stay in touch with other users.