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19 Sep 2020

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Facebook APK

Facebook is a social media or social networking app. It is a way of keeping your loved ones connected with you. Now it’s getting easier and faster to share your photos and videos with your friends and family members. You can also check their photos and videos. Facebook is a well-known app. Facebook app is not just getting connected with your friends and family members it is more than that. It is just like your personal organizer to save your photos and share your stories and statuses. You can share your photos from the gallery and directly from the mobile camera. You’ll have full access to your privacy. You can control your privacy settings. You can set up a secret photo album to hide the photos that you don’t want others to see. Facebook is now a very popular networking site to find new friends and soulmates and much more. You can enjoy just scrolling on its newsfeed by seeing post and videos by the people you followed or added as your friends

It also keeps you up to date with the latest news and what is happening around the globe. You can follow your favorite celebrities and get into their live streams. You can also start your live stream to show the world what you are doing.

It’s very easy to get Facebook to update earlier to enjoy its latest versions.                                           


  • You’ll get connected with your friends and family members.
  • You can share the statuses and stories about what are you doing or what are you thinking.
  • You can share your photos and videos on Facebook.
  • You’ll be notified if someone likes your photo, commented on it, or tagged you in a post.
  • You can find social or local events happening around you.
  • You can play games on Facebook with your friends.
  • You can back-up your photos by saving them in the album.
  • You can follow your favorite celebrities on Facebook.
  • You can look for jobs and local business working and timings.
  • You can buy anything or sell anything on Facebook through Facebook Market Place.

+You can watch live videos and also go live.

Download Link

You can easily download the latest Facebook latest APK and also the original APK for Android from here. Feel free to get the APK now from a source URL.

Download Facebook APK

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