FaceNiff APK Latest For Android

22 Aug 2020

FaceNiff APK:

FaceNiff Apk is known out to be the Android application that would be attending the user’s sniff and intercept web session profiles just over the medium of the WiFi networks. It is used for the purpose of stealing other user’s credentials from Facebook as well as Twitter and other services. To use this application it hence requires root access on top of the user’s Android smartphone. It is hence fairly simple to use.

This makes it even more dangerous than Firesheep that is Firefox  that lets users hijack Facebook and Twitter sessions over WiFi networks. FaceNiff hence do even work over with the WPA-encrypted WiFi networks.

With FaceNiff Cracked Apk you can not have to  buy the license and other add-ones. The crack version includes all these features and you can use them without any hurdle.

Key Features of FaceNiff Apk

  • Web Session Profile: it is purely used as in attending the user’s sniff and intercept web session profiles
  • Works with Youtube: besides Facebook, Twitter it does even work with Youtube, Amazon, and polish social network Nasza klasa. FaceNiff Apk hence does even work over with the WPA- encrypted WiFi networks.
  • Easy and User-Friendly: it is much simple and easy to use with the user- friendly interface set up settings.settings
  • Other Features: it is free to use and has no charges for the installation.

We hope that these features Would have helped you in learning about the FaceNiff Apk and what accessible features part of it.

Download Link

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