Recycle Master Premium MOD APK 2021 For Android


RECYCLE MASTER PREMIUM MOD APK recovers deleted files just like recycle bin in Windows and Trash in Mac. The interface of the app is very friendly and easy to use that it is getting popular day by day. This app makes your android data safer that even after accidentally removing the data we can recover it as the original. All types of data can be recovered using this app. If you have deleted the photos or videos accidentally and you are unaware of how to recover the data this app is the best option to retrieve the deleted data.


Developers have made this app in a way that it can never harm your device. Some of the people among us think that the data they are recovering is seen by a third party. Whereas, this app does not allow anyone else to see your data and it is fully secure to use. We can download the app from the links given below. It is free to download and use. Most of the apps for recovering data need to be purchased first and then you are given access to the app with all the disturbing and annoying advertisements. This app provides us an advertisement free usage.


This app is compatible with all android devices. It runs freely on any android device without lacking. It is a very light weighted and great looking app. All types of data can be recovered without rooting your device. Many apps do not work properly on all android versions but this app is not the one that makes our life more complicated. It does not require any specific version it works properly on every device


We can private the app so no one else can see the photos we have deleted. This app is fully safe to use as it is verified from google play services. Moreover, we can add the password to the app by Recycle Master. No third party can reach your deleted data. Everybody needs this type of security which is provided by this app.


Following written are some features of the app which will help us in using the app properly and how this app can help us.

  • Automatically backup your deleted videos and photos.
  • Lock your app by putting a password to protect your privacy.
  • Automatically cleans trash after a week, season or month to maximize the space of your device.
  • Quickly recover photos, videos, documents, and all types of files.
  • Download this amazing app from the links given below.


After some time, the app will auto-delete the unnecessary files which are not recovered and left unused. The cleaning time can be managed by us in the app. The time after which the unused files can be auto cleaned can be scheduled by week or month.


If you have accidentally deleted the photos so I will suggest you download this app and quickly recover your data without any problem. It is fully secure to use. This app is free to use and download which makes it the best.

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