Google Play Store Modded by Chelpus APK

This modded version of Google Play Store was being offered by Chelpus but they aren’t actively maintaining it. So the chances are that the APK file of Google Play Store Modded by Chelpus that you will download from this page might not work.

We are providing the direct APK download the modded Google Play Store just as a reference. If you get it to work by chance, you should be lucky enough.

Features of Modded Google Play Store

You must be familiar with in-app purchases. App and game developers make money by selling in-app items to their users. But with Google Play Store Modded by Chelpus, you would be able to bypass the purchasing and get in-app items for free.

This app was intended to work in combination with Lucky Patcher app. With several upgrades to Google Play Store over the period of several years, both of these apps might not be of any use at the present time.

If you are still interested in trying this modded version of Google Play Store, we have brought you the APK file from our archives. Download the final available APK file for Google Play Modded by Chelpus at below link and see if you get it to work.

Is modded Google Play ethical & legal?

Not at all. These kind of apps help you cheat the billing mechanism of Google Play Store and the developers and you are attempting to get free in-app items. So it isn’t ethical and legal at all to attempt to get free in-app items without paying money to the developers.

When you will attempt to use such tricks, your Google account might get banned. Please try this modded Google Play Store app and other ones on your own risk and you should be familiar with the possible consequences of using modded and hacked apps. The same risks apply here just like when you will be using a hacked app store like ACMarket.

Future of Modded Google Play

This app is already a past. Chelpus, the original developer of this app, are no longer maintaining this app. This app might have stopped working already, but you can give it a try. Try to install this app on an older phone if you have got one and if you want to experiment with Google Play Store by Chelpus.

APK Download

Here is the direct download link for Google Play Modded APK file from our fast FTP servers. Grab the latest available APK file from the below link.

Download Modded Google Play APK

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