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WhatsApp is among the most viral social messaging apps available for Android phones and tablets. Although users this social messaging app a lot, but sometimes they hit a snag. The most common issue the WhatsApp users face is the limitation to use a single mobile phone number.

Meaning that the standard WhatsApp app doesn’t support multiple accounts and you need to sign out from one account to use a different cell phone number. That’s pretty complex and frustrating.

In a situation like this, OGWhatsApp jumps in as a ray of hope for the WhatsApp users. In addition to all of the awesome features of standard WhatsApp, OGWhatsApp removes the limitation of using a single cell phone number. Yes! Once you download OGWhatsApp APK from our website and install the app on your Android device, you can use two cell phone numbers onward.

OGWhatsApp at a Glance

We have talked briefly about OGWhatsApp above. Let’s take a quick look at the features provided by OGWhatsApp in a bullet list:

  • Allows you to use two phone numbers at once
  • Brings you more emojis and stickers
  • Allows you more ways to backup your data
  • OGWhatsApp allows you to hide notifications
  • Allows you to hide your online status
  • Send larger images and videos

This was a quick overview of OGWhatsApps features. Let’s talk each of the feature in detail.

Use Two Phone Numbers

Sometimes, you need to use two phone numbers in WhatsApp. For example, you might need to stay online in two accounts, one your personal account, and the second your business account at once. The standard WhatsApp app will not let you do this. And with OGWhatsApp, you can use two cell phone numbers at once.

Get OGWhatsApp APK file below to get this feature right away.

More Emojis & Stickers

Emojis and stickers give your WhatsApp conversations life. They make your messages much more interactive. While chatting through text messages doesn’t let you share your feelings properly, emojis and stickers do let you express your feelings.

What about a beautiful heart to send to your loved ones? That’s possible with OGWhatsApp. Although the standard WhatsApp version offers you a lot of stickers and emojis, with OGWhatsApp you get even more. Get the APK file below and get more emojis and stickers on your device.

More Backup Options

Storing the backups of your data is extremely crucial. With technological stuff, we aren’t confident to say how stable and safe our data is. With OGWhatsApp, you can store backups of your data in multiple ways and get your data back in case something goes wrong with your device.

Better Privacy

The standard WhatsApp doesn’t let you better control on your privacy. For example, you want to hide your online status from others but you want to see either they are online or not. With the standard version, this isn’t possible and OGWhatsApp allows you to do this.

You can set your status to be offline and you can still see who is online there. In addition, you can turn off certain notifications. In short, you get better privacy controls when you are using OGWhatsApp on your Android device.

Send Larger Attachments

Did you ever wish to send a large and high-quality video to your friends or the family? Did you try attaching a large image that you took using your DSLR but ended up canceling the attachment due to limitations imposed by WhatsApp? This isn’t the case when you have downloaded OGWhatsApp APK file and have installed this modified version.

With OGWhatsApp, you can attach larger videos and images. You bypass the restrictions imposed by the standard WhatsApp version and thus you can send images and videos freely without worrying about the size limits.

Although OGWhatsApp brings you several other features, but we will stop talking about its features here as you can explore them yourself once you download and install OGWhatsApp free Android app on your device.

Is this official?

No, OGWhatsApp is not supported officially by Facebook Inc. Remember that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. This modified version of WhatsApp is maintained by a third-party developer that brings updates periodically. You should always download the latest OGWhatsApp APK file to ensure that you don’t face any connectivity problems.

Is this risky to use OGWhatsApp?

Relying on a tweaked app is always a riskier process. You may end up giving access to a malicious hacker to your sensitive data. But OGWhatsApp is a reputed software and their developers have been doing a good and reputed work for a long time. Thanks to the sincerity of the community behind this, we can say that OGWhatsApp is safe to use.

Download OGWhatsApp APK

Here is the download link for OGWhatsApp latest APK file. This download link never gets expired and you can get a fast downloading speed when you choose to download OGWhatsApp from our servers.

Download Latest APK (52 MB) – Version 2.19.17 last updated August 07, 2020

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