How to play PUBG Mobile on Mac Devices

Do you own a Mac and do you want to play the best mobile Battle Royale action game on your Mac? We have got the answer for you. Keep reading as we are explaining below how a user can play PUBG Mobile game on their Mac device.

Playing PUBG on Macs

iMacs and MacBook Pros are among the most sold devices by Apple Inc. due to their performance. Having a Mac is a pleasure but sometimes it makes you miss the vast ecosystem of Windows games and applications.

Don’t worry if you tried to search for the download of the PUBG game for your Mac but ended up without any results. We are here to help you with this problem.

Method 1#: Use NVIDIA GeForce Now

With this method, you need purchase PUBG game first. Please disregard the title as this method isn’t going to help with you playing PUBG Mobile, instead you will be able to play the PC version of the game.

So before we start, you need to purchase Player Unknowns Battle Ground game on Steam. Do a Google search and you will land on the sales page of PUBG game on Steam in no time.

Once you purchase the game, now it’s time to create an account at NVIDIA GeForce Now. This service is available in selected countries. If your country isn’t supported, we suggest you to use a US-based VPN to create the account.

Once you have both of the requirements, i.e. a Steam account with PUBG purchased for it and an NVIDIA GeForce Now account, simply download GeForce Now software for your Mac, sign in, connect Steam account to your NVIDIA GeForce Now account and start enjoying the game. Folks at Macworld have written an awesome article on all this that you can read here.

Method 2# Use Bluestacks

Don’t think that you are alone who will be playing PUBG using Bluestacks, there are millions of other users who are playing this epic game using emulators. So following this method, you will be playing the actual PUBG Mobile game on your mac.

First of all, download Bluestacks from their official website here. Now install it and launch the emulator. After a few seconds, you will land on a screen that should show you some pre-installed Android apps and games.

Now open Google Play Store app on Bluestacks. You will need to use your Google account to sign in. Once you are signed in, install PUBG Mobile by searching it from Google Play Store and then you should be able to start playing the game within a few minutes.

If you didn’t how to start playing the game using Bluestacks on Mac, here are the bullet points:

  • Download and install Bluestacks
  • Launch Bluestacks and open Google Play Store app
  • Search and install PUBG Mobile game
  • Launch the game and start playing

That’s it. At first, you might find it difficult to play the game using the Bluestacks emulator, but very soon you should get familiar to it. We hope that you will enjoy playing this awesome Battle Royale game on your iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.

BTW, were you looking at this article just because Google Play Store isn’t available in your country? If you were struggling to install the game on your Android device using Google Play Store, we have a guide that explains how to install and play PUBG Mobile on an Android device without Google Play Store.

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