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Learn All About Hacking With This App

Living in the digital age, people are more and more prone to cyber-attacks. As such, it is important that we protect ourselves by improving our knowledge of cybercrimes. I Hack You is an educational app that teaches people about various hacking concepts. Though it’s not an actual hacking app, KO does contain useful information for people who want to learn how to hack or want to protect themselves from hacking.

Red and Blue Interface

I Hack You has a pretty simple interface, but it is bogged down by a very awful color design scheme. Since the app’s main purpose is just to educate people, the simple button menus serve it well. There are no crazy command buttons and hidden menus that you have to access to find what you need.

Unfortunately, the app’s colors are very annoying. It is bright and saturated in blue and red. Blue and red is not a terrible color combination by itself, but the fact that the colors are equally saturated makes it very straining to the eye.

Hacking Concepts

The hacking topics covered in the app are wide and varied. You have the Concepts section which is divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. You can learn rudimentary topics such as the basics of hacking, types of hackers, differences between malicious software, and more.

There are also hacking tips and tricks that you can read to try your hand at hacking as well. However, it should be noted that the app is not intended to hurt anyone and users must be aware that certain acts of hacking could be considered illegal. There is also information on various hackers and hacker chat features.

Curious About Hacking?

If you’re interested in hacking, whether to try it yourself or just as a weird curiosity, I Hack You has a lot of resources that you can dive into to learn all about it. The app is simple to use and covers a wide range of topics about the subject. It is a great starter app for any would-be hacker out there.

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