Likee APK/Split APKs 2020 For Android

Likee APK + Split APKs

Likee is an application that allows you to make an offer fun recordings with every one of your companions and devotees. You may have to build a client account to use the program, as is common for these types of apps. However, this solitary takes a couple of moments and should be possible with Google or Facebook. 

Likee gives you a huge amount of various alternatives with regards to adding enhancements and music to your recordings. You can look over a huge number of tunes in the foundation of your video, picking between tunes from well-known artists like Rihanna and Justin Bieber, or the signature tunes from different movies and plays. You can also select a tune that saves your smartphone space.

The video-altering measure in Likee is quick and basic, however, that doesn’t imply that you won’t have huge amounts of various highlights available to you. You can include a wide range of video impacts by drawing legitimately on the screen with your finger: fireballs, meteorites, butterflies, and so forth. You can apply all of these effects to your tracks in just a couple of scenes with this method.

Likee is a truly fun informal community. To wherever stage you like, you will find enormous quantities of interesting records and sell your best records with the locale of the submission. Besides, on the off chance that you like an individual’s recordings, you can add the recordings’ maker to your companion rundown and converse with them at whatever point you need.

Quick Video Creator and Editing A Famous Unique Effect

Different video impacts, face channels, and altering devices on Likee to assist you with putting forth cool recordings with little attempts. 

High Mixing: update records such as Face Transform, Astral Journey, Face Cut and MV with cool ornamentation, and some more! To make competent and excellent records, a picture is all you need.

FaceMagic: Swap face with VIPs or film functions with face acknowledgment innovation. Excessively fun and rich video layouts including exemplary motion pictures, stage show, syndicated program, amusing clasps are accessible! 

Stickers and Music Magic: Customize your recordings with different interesting stickers, welcome, cites, bright hairs, and charming emoticon.

Magnificence Camera &Video Filter: Change video foundations with video channels. Open pack of video impacts like the sketch, glitch, vintage, montage, and substantially more! Attempt various cosmetics styles in seconds with an excellent camera!

A Streaming International Broadcast and Buddies Maker Group

Likee! has just entered a vast number of competent writers, YouTubers, and video creators like you! We can meet and find buddies, join the designers you want. 

Go Live, Receive Gifts and Gain Fans 

Enjoy your life watching and drawing in with your friends. Show your abilities, help your fan base, and get blessings. You may very well be Likee’s next Internet Sensation! 

Watch Live Stream Anytime and Anywhere 

Find innumerable gifted hosts from around the globe. Catch live videos, visit hosts, and submit bursaries to help your favorite channels. Extraordinary highlights, for example, LIVE PK, fan club, and competition of Likee Live anticipate you!

Download Links:

To download the working Likee APK and all the split APKs for it on Android. You can easily get the latest application APK/split APKs from below posted URLs. Thanks for downloading the working Likee APK on your Android.

Download Likee Latest APK

Split APK: config.en (12.63 kB)

Split APK: config.arm64_v8a (24.15 MB)

Split APK: adsdk (2.63 MB)

Split APK: adsdk.config.en (8.54 kB)

Split APK: albumloader (33.41 kB)

Split APK: amaplocation (315.8 kB)

Split APK: amaplocation.config.arm64_v8a (53.68 kB)

Split APK: discover (200.96 kB)

Split APK: following (8.54 kB)

Split APK: moment (538.16 kB)

Split APK: produce (283.22 kB)

Split APK: publish (230.07 kB)

Split APK: superme (408.21 kB)


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