TikTok APK And Split APKs For Android (Latest)

03 Oct 2020


If we go back to the 1950s we find no means to reveal the talent of peoples in villages and less developed areas. Whereas here we stand in 2020 with an extraordinary app TIKTOK among us. Where anyone can make videos at his fingertips. Furthermore, you can edit your videos and add songs. This app is the place where you can surf the whole day without knowing how time flies. Here you will find videos of all types. You can like, comment, or just move forward to the next one.

TIKTOK is a platform where you connect with different peoples. Moreover, you can discover trending content. Apart from this, you can watch live videos. If you have the talent and want to make your video you can just sign up by Google, Facebook, Twitter. With this in mind if you don’t want to post your videos you can just make them and save on your phone. Those videos are secured on your mobile and no one except you can see. However, we can promote our brands as their downloads are exceeding 1 billion. On the other hand, getting popular is the main focus, and to show the world the exceptional capabilities of people not given odds to perform one specific platform. People get popular here on their content if one makes good content people like it by watching and it gets popular.


Life is too hectic these days and everyone wants to fresh their minds. This app keeps us entertained as well as updated. Additionally, this app is so easy to use. We can save the videos we like. The younger generation is much more into it due to its friendly interface, and the followers they get on their accounts. It is becoming a race between peoples using TIKTOK who have more followers. Besides this app is free to download and use.


In TIKTOK you cannot just make videos with songs but you can also add a filter to your videos. Furthermore, change your voice in the video by using a specific filter. Whereas we can stream live and can watch live streams of other peoples.


Before downloading this app we must know the features of this amazing app. The mentioned features make it fascinating for you.

  • Watch thousands of fun videos.
  • Make videos of your own.
  • Like, comment, and share videos.
  • Watch the live stream.
  • Do your live stream.
  • Success in achieving millions of followers.
  • Promote your brand in videos.
  • Join the world of entertainment now.


There are no limitations in browsing as we find this problem in other apps. TIKTOK got millions of users who post daily you can jump on to any video you like, or just go to search and type what you are looking for. Millions of people surf freely on TIKTOK as it is a full package of entertainment.


Therefore, you must go and check this stunning TIKTOK APK where you will find thousands of videos to please you. Download this android app from the TIKTOK APK website here or you can download the application on Google Play Store.

Download Links

We host Tiktok APK files on fast servers. You can download the APK file and all the split APK files at blazing fast speeds by clicking the download link below.

Download Tiktok Main APK file (34.41 MB)Download Tiktok Split APK: config.xxxhdpi (375.83 kB)

Download Tiktok Split APK: config.en (484.47 kB)

Download Tiktok Split APK: config.arm64_v8a (26.49 MB)

Download Tiktok Split APK: df_creationtool_so (8.48 kB)

Download Tiktok Split APK: df_creationtool_so.config.arm64_v8a (8.49 MB)

Download Tiktok Split APK: df_fusing (8.6 kB)

Download Tiktok Split APK: df_photomovie (8.54 kB)

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