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Nmap App or Network Mapper is a free license tool used for scanning security glitches and discovering networks. But wait a minute! There is much more to this app’s potential. Nmap App is used by security companies, IT professionals, and security administrators to check and monitor security threats, detect ports, discover new services offered by other hosts, and much more.

Nmap App is one of the most widely used apps for locking down auditing security and locking down any viruses or threats that may prove to be harmful to your computer system.

Nmap App works by collecting information in the form of raw packets to ports in the respective system.  It then analyses the data and lists whether the ports are closed, filtered, or open. Not only this, but the Nmap App also determines whether if new ports are available or not.

But be careful, using Nmap App for foreign software hacking purposes can get you in legal trouble since Nmap App has also found to be used by hackers for illegal purposes.

Nmap APK has become so popular that it has been featured by directors in films like “The Matrix Reloaded” and artists like Rihanna, Kate Mara, and others.


  • It is absolutely free of cost.
  • The Nmap App is flexible to navigate through and easy to use.
  • The Nmap App can monitor both single hosts and multiple networks with an innumerable number of devices attached to it.
  • Through Nmap App’s port scanning feature, you can now create a new inventory by using the software and hardware of the system.
  • The best thing about Nmap App is that it is regularly updated with improvised features and tools, so rest assured your security system is always in safe hands.
  • Not only can Nmap App identify ports it can also identify the function the network is performing whether be its specific applications, mail, web servers and even the versions of that specific software that is in use currently.
  • Nmap App can also detect switches, servers, routers and other specifics of the network system.
  • Through Zenmap (the security scanner of Nmap App) you can also save and compare scans now.
  • The new and updated version of Nmap App allows fingerprint detection system for OS and also IPv4 and IPV6 models.
  • The Nmap App is one of the most acclaimed apps for locking security. It has won numerous accolades including “Information Security Product of the Year” award.

The Nmap App is available for free on Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, OSes, AmigaOS, Solaris, and many others. Tough, for Android you will have to install the ‘Frontend’ app which will help you in downloading Nmap App.

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