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Everyone has PDF files on their mobiles. Whether they include documents, books, or something else. We need to share these documents or books in the form of pdf files. But large files are difficult to send for solving this problem the developer has made this app which reduces the size of pdf files. So it increases the space of your phone and low size files can be easily sent to other peoples. This app requires the internet to compress pdf files. With this app, we can shrink pdf files on our mobile.

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After downloading open the app. Now select the files you want to compress. Connect to the internet. Click on compress files. Select compression ratio as low, medium, or high as per requirement. The compressed files will reach in the form of a folder in the documents part of your android device. From there you can share the same files consuming lower space to other peoples. its interface is so easy that you can shrink your files with just a few clicks.


This awesome looking app is compatible with all versions of android. It works properly on any mobile phone. Moreover, It is a light weighted app that does not require much space. The app can fairly work on a low processor. PDF RESIZER APK is free to download and use. The files in a memory card can also be compressed. It does not require any specific pdf file to perform its function all types of pdf files can be compressed.


Some of the features of PDF RESIZER APK are written below.

  • Compress the pdf files you want.
  • Select compression ratio as low, medium, or high.
  • View compressed files.
  • Fast working and low space consuming app.
  • Easily share compressed files.
  • Increase the space of your device.
  • Free to download and use.


PDF RESIZER APK is completely secure to download. It is verified from google play services. This app is made in a way that nobody else can reach your documents or files. Some of the data is official and the company or employee does not want any outsider to reach that data. So it is the best app to shrink your files. The updates will be coming back to back to keep the app modern and free of bugs.


Everybody from a school student to an office worker has pdf files. Some have in the form of books, some have in the form of documents. When we need to send those big files it gets difficult. To solve this problem the PDF RESIZER is here. It shrinks the files so it increases the space of the device.

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You are downloading the latest PDF Resizer APK for Android from here. Feel free to download the working PDF Resizer APK on your phone from our official fast and secure servers.

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