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PTV Sports is a well-known Pakistani sports channel that covers all of the sports from the Olympics to regional cricket matches. If you are a cricket fan especially Pakistan cricket, PTV Sports APK is especially helpful to you as it enables you to watch your favorite matches anywhere on your mobile. You wouldn’t miss out on any sports update with the PTV Sports APK. Capture the best sports moment on your mobile screens from anywhere in the world.


The app is fully compatible with all android devices. Also, the app is free to download which makes it free to use. You can watch all the matches free of cost from your office to your local park. The PTV Sports APK provides you with live telecasts of matches being broadcasted on PTV sports without any delay. You can watch live streaming of Olympics to Cricket world cup to FIFA world cup to UEFA champions league, all within the palms of your hand.


The PTV Sports APK provides you with unlimited entertainment within the palm of your hands. The apps key features are:

  1. The app is safe and secure.
  2. Get HD live streaming of the sports event happening.
  3. View the result of the matches.
  4. See upcoming fixtures of your favorite sports teams.
  5. Check detailed stats of players and matches.
  6. Get detailed venue information.
  7. Easy to use

Whether you are a new sports fan or a veteran, the app is made for all sorts of sports-loving people. The PTV sports APK makes sure that you don’t miss out on any of your favorite team’s fixtures.


If you are a die-hard sports-loving fan, then PTV Sports APK is the application that is best suited for you. You can watch live telecasts of sports games on your smartphone from your office to your home. You can simply tune in to the app and never miss out on any important sports event happening. The application is easy to use and doesn’t cost you anything. Also, the app is safe and it doesn’t harm your smartphone. With this one app, you will never miss out on any update of any sports event happening worldwide. Watch all of the major sports events happening like Olympics, World cups, UEFA Champions League, PSL, Ashes, etc. on your device without going through any trouble. The app has a friendly user interface and doesn’t require you to have any prerequisite knowledge in order to learn how to use the app. With a couple of clicks, you can watch sports events easily.


All in all, the app is a must-have for any sports lover. The app allows the user to stay up to date with all the sports happening worldwide and also allows its user to see the upcoming fixtures. You can watch HD live streaming with PTV Sports APK from anywhere. The app gives you all of your favorite sports events within the palm of your hands-free of cost. Download PTV Sports APK to get access to the sports events happening worldwide.

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You are downloading the latest PTV Sports APK for Android free from this page. The updated APK of PTV Sports is provided below to download free for your Android.

Download PTV Sports APK (Main APK)

Download Split APK: config.xxxhdpi  (111.55 kB)

Download Split APK: (29.08 kB)

Download Split APK: config.en (37.27 kB)

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