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Are tired of looking at your phone while using your pc or laptop? Must be frustrating to handle both devices together. Therefore, Microsoft considered this problem and came up with a solution. This solution is a very efficient app known as Your Phone Companion APK. Through this, you can easily access your phone’s photos, multimedia, do calls, and many more.

What is Your Phone Companion APK?

Your Phone Companion is an application designed by Microsoft and it is absolutely free of cost. It lets the user access all of their phone contents on the computer, in order to handle them efficiently. While using this application you can access all the data as well as handle applications present on your Android phone. This handling includes everything such as making phone calls, sending, and receiving messages, notifications, downloading files, etc.


Down below we have listed some exciting features of Your Phone Companion APK:

  • Receive and dial all your phone calls through your computer.
  • Get all your phone notifications on your PC screen.
  • Send and receive messages  on PC through any application present on your phone)
  • Download or upload files between your mobile and PC.
  • Access to photos and other multimedia stuff present on your phone through PC.
  • Drag and drop files.
  • Copy-paste stuff between your mobile and computer.
  • Easier to use as you can type through the keyboard and mouse. All you can see things on a much bigger screen as compared to your cell phone.
  • Moreover, you won’t have to worry about your mobile or PC’s battery. As the app made saves battery efficiently and requires minimal of it.


Here is a step by step guide on how to get started with Your Phone Companion:

  1. First download Your Phone Companion through the APK link on your phone as well as the PC.
  2. Now you will have to register yourself through an email account.
  3. It will then mirror your phone screen onto your PC to enable the connection between them using Wi-Fi.
  4. You can start copy and pasting various features through the application in order to handle them through your PC.
  5. Using the input and output devices of your PC you can communicate with your phone’s application easily.
  6. You can access all the files present on your phone through a library in the My File app.
  7. More interestingly you can do the reverse as well. You can see the phone photos on your PC as well as the photos on your PC through your phone.
  8. You can simply save the copied files from your PC to your mobile’s internal storage and vice versa.


Your Phone Companion is an all-in-one application that lets you handle your phone and PC on the same device. Its optimum features let you control the application and data of your phone through your PC easily and vice versa. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download Your Phone Companion from the link provided below.

Download Links:

Downloading the latest Your Phone Companion APK for Android free from here. So, you can easily download the working APK from given source URL below.

Download Your Phone Companion APK

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