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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
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Dev: rubycell Latest Version: 20170320 Updated: Mar 22

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) Free APK Download for Android

Download Accelerator Plus or DAP is a well-known file downloader with powerful features on Microsoft Windows and you can download an app with features similar to DAP here on this page. Download Accelerator Plus for Android is a free app (with in-app purchases) that can be used to accelerate file transfer from the Internet saving you time. Using Download Accelerator Plus, you can download videos, music files, compressed archives, APK files and all other general files at fast speeds.

Content can be downloaded and saved directly to SD card of your device so you don't need to worry about the storage space on your device. It integrates itself into the default Android browser as well as manually installed ones like Google Chrome, Firefox, UC browser, Opera and others and picks the downloadable links from there automatically. The most demanded feature in download managers 'Resume capability' is there in Download Accelerator Plus so you can restart downloads later whenever anything goes wrong with your last download.

The multithread technology of Download Accelerator Plus splits being-downloaded files into multiple parts and thus download speed is taken to the fullest capability of your network. If you don't want to utilize most of your connection's latency with Download Accelerator Plus, then you configure the download speed manually in the app. Multiple file download is supported so you can download more than one files at a time.

QR code scanning is supported by Download Accelerator Plus so you don't need to install a QR Reader app separately. Simply scan a QR code on your computer's screen or from any other source and the download accelerator will grab the download link automatically and download will be started. You are kept updated about the current progress of downloads. Downloaded files can be easily managed and you can sort downloaded files by fetched date, file size and based on multiple criteria.

Videos can be easily downloaded with this app. To download videos with Download Accelerator Plus, simply open up the page that contains the video and start playing it. The app will catch the download link automatically and it will prompt you either you are interested in downloading that media to your device's local storage or not. Audio (music) files can also be downloaded through the same mechanism.

If a download was failed last time, you can resume it later easily. Whenever you will start the download of that broken attempt, Download Accelerator Plus will automatically scan list of previous lists and if it finds the identical match in history, the failed link will be repaired and download will be resumed again from the last point.

Ready to test the power of this app? Get its APK. Its free and you can unlock additional features through in-app purchases just in case the default features don't seem fulfilling your requirements. But we hope that the free features will prove to be more than enough in order to bring a fast and consistent file download experience on your device.