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Samsung Gear Manager
Samsung Gear Manager
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Samsung Gear Manager Free APK Download for Android

Having a smart phone is sometimes not so simple for many people and some users even wish for a smaller and simpler device yet having all the smart features of their smart phone. Samsung Company has built Samsung Gear for the very purpose allowing users to have a smart device as small as a watch that can be had at hand all the time. This lessens your worry about how to carry the phone/tablet and the fuss over not losing the precious thing, or not able to find it in the time of need. 

Samsung Gear is a wearable smart device like a watch that can connect to your Android smart phone or tablet through the Smart Gear Manager application. When connected to your Android phone or tablet, Samsung Gear Manager lets you use all the features of your device on your wrist thus saving you the bother of carrying your relatively larger phone in hand. 

Samsung Gear is an intelligent companion for your Android phone or tablet that makes using a smart phone much simpler yet fashionable. To use Samsung Gear paired with your device you need Samsung Gear Manager. This app lets you use features and applications from the Galaxy App store on your device that may have been manufactured by companies other than Samsung. 

Though previously restricted to Samsung manufactured devices only but now they have allowed it to be used on other third party Android devices as well. Although you will have to know about the compatibility of your device with Galaxy Gear before installing it. Once you have the Samsung Gear Manager installed on your device you will be able to use the same features as a galaxy user enjoys. 

Samsung Gear Manager lets you use and manage all the applications on your Android phone or tablet so that you don’t constantly have to look at your phone or tablet for notifications. Warnings related to phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook and such are shown on the Galaxy gear from where you can react quickly and easily thus saving time and battery life of your phone or tablet that you can put away safely.

Samsung Gear Manager lets you use the Smart Relay feature of Galaxy Gear that allows it to open the associated application once you pull out your phone or tablet as a reaction to a certain notification. 

Using the Galaxy Gear puts you in a habit of putting your phone or tablet away most of the time. This may make you misplace your phone or tablet. And when you are unable to locate your phone/tablet the Locator feature in the Galaxy Gear lets you find your lost device by activating the sounds or vibration remotely from your device. 

Galaxy Gear assimilates its features with that your phone or tablet, through the Samsung Gear Manager and gives you a hands-free control of your device. Through this you can make and receive calls on your Galaxy Gear.

Download Samsung Gear Manager  APK here to install the app and simplify your daily tasks.