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IR Universal Remote + WiFi
IR Universal Remote + WiFi
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IR Universal Remote + WiFi Free APK Download for Android

Have you ever realized that you are no longer in the days when you had to fight to get the remote from your siblings to watch your favorite show on the TV? Or the crazy sickness of changing the batteries of the remote control which was really a bothering thing to do after every few days. Now your own android phone can be turned into a remote controller. This is possible with the help of an app called IR Universal Remote™ + WiFi. By installing this app, you can turn your android phone into a remote controller with the help of which you can control your several electronic devices such as remote, air conditioner, fridge, and other things etc.

You can get the free APK at this page but first read something about this app here.   There are a lot of electronic devices that you can control with the help of your IR Universal Remote™ + WiFi app. This app really is a blessing since it takes away the tension of keep the remote safe, checking the batteries and a lots of stuff. TV devices that you can control with the help of this app include Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Insignia, JVC, Magnavox, Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo, Vizio, Philips, Toshiba, Sharp, Hisense. Then there a lot of cable boxes which you can control by using your remote controller on your android device. These cable box devices that you can control from this app are Bright House, AT&T, Cablevision, Cable One, Time Warner, Tivo, Sudden link, WOW!, Verizon, ADB, Cox, Pace, Samsung, Philips Pioneer, Scientific Atlanta.

There are thousands of supported manufacturer models with hundreds of thousands of IR remote codes. Whether you need a TV remote controller or a way to stream your videos to your Chrome cast you can always use IR Universal Remote.  Please do not lease a poor rating if your device does not have an IR blaster. Many 1 and 2 star ratings are from users using phones without IR Blasters. Please view the list of supported devices for IR. Devices without IR will be limited to the Wi-Fi remotes only.  Also make sure that the TV or any electronic devices that you want to use with your app is supported by this app. Because otherwise it won’t work and you will go through the trouble of downloading and installing for nothing. So if you have a device that is supported, download the free APK right now and start enjoying this app.