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Money Lover is a fantastic app which lets you aware of all of your expenditures and earnings. With the assistance of it, you can keep an eye on every bit of your money that is how you can manage to spend your money more shrewdly. Now you do not need to depend on Notebook, Pen or Excel sheet most of the times to deal with your finance because Money Over is here to meet all of your needs. With the assistance of Money Lover, you can begin to keep track of all of your expenses. Besides, you can plan the budget for the whole month and can save your money up. Now the money managing has become way easier, intuitive and not less than fun with Money Lover. For the app, tracking your spending or managing your money is just a task of few minutes. You merely need to key in the number and select a category. It is very easy to use.
Money Lover manages the entire budget for expenditures or any other defined categories. You can set the duration of the budget as per your requirements, for example for a week, month or even a year. Money Lover notifies you when the budget reaches its limitations. It shows you in-depth reports by pie and bar charts. Hence, you can have an accurate view of your total expenses, incomings, or balance left for the week, month or a year. It also alerts you about paying your bills so you can never miss your bills once you have scheduled them in the app. If you are having in use both of your phone and tablet or any other devices more than one, Money Lover is still able to record all of your transitions and can manage your expenditures according to the both devices. The number of devices will not make any difference in its performance.
More useful features and tools are being updated for your needs and full control of money, finances and budgets. It can also manage your debts and loans. Besides, there is a backup and restore feasibility. You can link it to Dropbox or share via email. Other than this, there are so many useful features in it of your needs which you will discover no sooner than you download the app.



Developer: Finsify


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