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Avira Optimizer for Android

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Aug 14, 2018




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Nov 06, 2018


Avira Optimizer for Android by AVIRA

Discover the power of the Avira Optimizer and speed up your smartphone

The Avira Optimizer and phone memory cleaner gives your Android smartphone a new lease on life through its fast and effective memory cleanup, RAM booster, and junk cleaners. The one tap boost feature improves the responsiveness of your phone and battery saver functionality lets you enjoy even longer periods between charges.

What Does Avira Optimizer Do?

⭐ Powerful Phone Boosters -Increase your speed and performance✓
⭐ Intuitive Memory Scanner - Optimize your memory ✓
⭐ Efficient RAM Cleaner - Improve your gaming experience ✓
⭐ Effective Junk File Cleaner - Free up storage space on your phone and SD card✓
⭐ Intelligent Battery Booster - Extend your battery life✓

Benefits of Avira Optimizer

The Avira Optimizer provides smartphone users with a wealth of powerful tools and features designed to help you speed up your device. Easily increase the speed and responsiveness of your phone, uninstall apps, extend your battery life, clear search history, and remove duplicate files and unwanted data with the Avira phone optimizer software. Additionally, the intuitive design of our task manager will help you stay organized in future and keep your phone running optimally.

Smart Booster - Speed up your phone for faster startups and optimized processes that will keep your device running lightning quick
➕ Experience the speed and responsiveness of your phone as if it was new with automatic mobile optimizer features.
RAM Booster - Get an overview of all active processes running at any given time and easily kill those that are using up memory (RAM) and slowing your phone down
➕ Stay on top of how your phone processes data with memory cleaner features.
Cache Cleaner - Clear your cache, junk files, and duplicate files on your phone and SD card to free up storage space for your photos, videos and music
➕ Stay organized and delete apps you no longer use with our powerful app manager features that identify .apk files for deletion
History Eraser - Protect yourself from prying eyes by clearing browser history, deleting call logs, erase text messages, and clipboard data
➕Ensure your data is inaccessible to others through our secure erasing features that also wipe your social media and instant messenger cache.
App Manager - Get an overview and manage apps on your phone, see how much space they take up, and easily uninstall apps at the touch of a button
➕Stop unused apps eating up all your storage with our system cleaner features.
Battery Profiles - Create battery profiles that help you extend battery life by identifying and prioritizing the smartphone features you need most often
➕Easily switch between different battery saver profiles depending on what you need.
Smart Lock - Automatically turns off screen when contextually aware technology detects the phone is in a bag or pocket
➕Conserve battery and keep your data secure with pocket lock that turns off screen when phone put away.

Download the Avira Optimizer and discover how you can quickly and easily restore functionality to your smartphone with our cleaner app, task manager, duplicate file finder, and battery monitor features. Turns out you can teach your phone new tricks after all.

About Avira
Built by Avira, an award-winning German security company, Optimizer brings state-of-the-art cleaning technology to your Android devices. With more than 10 million users across the Avira product range, Optimizer for Android is among the best system optimizers on the market, helping you keep your device free of clutter so you never run out of space. Make the most of your technology with Avira.

This app is included in the Avira Prime subscription service. For more on this, visit:
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Version 2.1

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