Temple Jungle Run 3D APK

Temple Jungle Run 3D
Temple Jungle Run 3D
3.25 (20)
Dev: HighLogix Latest Version: 1.0 Updated: Sep 12

Temple Jungle Run 3D Free APK Download for Android

Temple Jungle Run 3D is an epic free run game based on the original Temple Run series in which you have to make a run through the jungle. A gorilla is after you who is happy with the idea of a human in a jungle and if you are too slow, he is going to catch you to rid you apart. In the game, you are going to run the most epic free run of your life. To install this epic free fun game named Temple Jungle Run 3D, download the free APK from our site and begin the adventure through the jungle.

There are coins to collect, powers to take and score to earn. Do all of this while running in the dangerous jungle where you will have to avoid many things such as water streams, fire, and other dangers to escape from the curse of black gorilla running after you. The controls in the game are simple. Everything move you will make happens by swiping the screen up, down, left or right. The graphics in the game are very detailed and beautiful. The terrain, textures, and colors are done in a classic way by the developers which make it more appealing to play.

Here is a list of some other features which you are going to enjoy while playing this game.

• Unique and facile gameplay.
• Magnificent music and sounds.
• Detailed environment.
• Detailed models.
• Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations.
• An infinite runner with new logics.
• Magnets can help you collect more coins.
• Swipe to Move & Jump.

To install Temple Jungle Run 3D, download the free APK from our device and begin the ultimate free run adventure in the jungle.