Clown Circus 2: Amazing Circus

Clown Circus 2: Amazing Circus

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 2.3



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Aug 19, 2018


Clown Circus 2: Amazing Circus by OGQ CATPLE Inc

You must remember your old 8-bit console which was a start of gaming career for many gamers like myself. The console had so many games that will forever remain classic and Clown Circus was one of them. Fortunately, Clown Circus has been re-mastered for the android smartphones and now it looks for wonderful. We have already shared its part 1 on our site and now it is the time to share Clown Circus 2 with you. To install the game, download the free APK right now from our site and relive the memories of your childhood. Following is a list of features which you can enjoy in this beautiful arcade adventure.

• Clown Circus, with 4 game on circus: Lion Jump, Wheel Jump, Monkey Circus, Horse Circus.
The famous arcade game. Now this one is similar with, and would like to take you have a childhood's experiences about it.
• The graphics in the game are very impressive with latest mobile technology and visual effects.
• You can connect with the world leaderboards to see who is doing well in the game and what is your rank?
• You can relax a lot while playing this game since it is very easy to play.

Download the free APK for Clown Circus 2 right here and relive the memories of your 8-bit console.

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