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Bounce Classic is one of the classic games that we used to play on our Nokia cellphones. Everyone from children to adults loved this game and still, there are people who want to play this. However, with the advances in technology, people moved on with new smartphones and when the left using old Nokia phones, this game got lost too. But here is the big news. The legendary game is back on the android smartphones with amazing new graphics and the same gameplay levels. If this made you exciting then let's talk about the game modes and features that present in the remake of Bounce Classic. Also, download the free APK from the download link given above. 

Bounce Classic Features.

Here is a quick review of all the games modes and features that are present in this android remake of the game.

Gameplay: Bounce Classic is quite the same in this remake version as it was in the classic version. You will go through same obstacles and use the same ball to reach the goal. There are the same number of levels which are 11 in total and you will need to cross to reach the end of the game. All the obstacles, life-ups and others things are the same as they were in the classic version. You don’t need to worry because this is what remake means and above all, you are having your beloved game back.

Graphics: In this remain version named Bounce Classic, graphics are the thing that has improved amazingly. Using the latest mobile graphics technology, the game has been remade again. The textures of walls and environment look amazing, along with impressive audio and visual effects.

Controls: The controls are the same but for designed according to the touch screen phones. There are 2 movement buttons and 1 jump button. The gameplay is very smooth with good FPS and you will definitely enjoy while playing this game.

So what is there to wait for anymore? You can install this game by downloading the free APK from our website and have amazing bounce adventure with Bounce Classic. Keep visiting our website for free APKs and app reviews.

Developer: HUD Games


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