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WeakSauce for HTC
WeakSauce for HTC
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Dev: WeakSauce for HTC Latest Version: 1.0.1 Updated: Jul 03

WeakSauce for HTC Free APK Download for Android

WeakSauce works superbly on some HTC devices. It is a significant achievement for them. It was released by Justin Case in March for HTC’s flagship consigned on Verizon. The time when WeakSauce was released, it was compatible with the HTC One m7 and m8 on Verizon. It was not that much compatible that time if it crashed or showed SU unavailable. For these were the only two devices supported officially. But now a new version of WeakSauce has been introduced, and it can root about every HTC phone on Verizon running Android 4.4.4 and under it. Download WeakSauce APK file for free.

Moreover, it works on other phones as well. You must try it. WeakSauce HTC is very easy to use. It obtains root, mounts, an innovative xbin containing BusyBox and SU. Actually, it was designed for Verizon HTC One m7 and m8 but now it works on other HTC devices too. It is a crapshoot which depends on both the models. Besides, at times, it works on firmware version. With this handy app, you can re-root your phones and other devices and each and every boot of them. For this, you just need to write access to /system/ xbin with this development. The APK file is provided for free download on this page.

There is another version of WeakSauce, named WeakSauce2, the Habanero’s Revenge. It has all the characteristics which were available in its predecessor. The interesting thing about it is that it is entirely free. You just need to install the apk from this thread on XDA and you can then easily run it to get root. Once it completes its root, you are supposed to install SuperUser (Su) from the Play Store and then you can enjoy it utterly. It re-roots after each root, for it has not got the permanent root method. Don’t forget to wait a minute after rooting to get it work effectively. Grab its free APK.

When you use it, you may face two slightly issues. One of them is, the SuperUser (SU) binaries are outdated. By now it cannot be replaced using any robotic method. Nevertheless, it does not harm or affect the performance or functionality. However, you are believed to fix it soon in the future. The other issue is with ART. It can’t take part in with the WeakSauce. To overcome it, you can switch back to the Dalvik runtime in advance you run the app.   

Ultimately, when you root with WeakSauce, it enables Sunshine to unlock Verizpn’s HTC one M7. It also allows the Droid DNA. At times, it can also unlock M8, but it is arbitrary. To check this properly, you are supposed to install the Sunshine and it will check for the compatibility. Install the app with its APK file provided at the download link on this page.