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wifi free Free APK Download for Android

wifi free is a simple app that provides you the passwords of WiFi networks around you. It isn't a password cracker or anything like that. It is a legal app and lists passwords shared by real people living around you. The app is growing and if you are living near a famous hotel, cafe or any other public place with WiFi networks available, then wifi free's success ratio will increase.

How wifi free works:

Say you are living near a famous cafe in New York City and you know the password of WiFi networks available there. Now to help others living around there, you simply share the password of the networks with wifi free Android app. Any other person, who has downloaded this app and lives nearer to that cafe, will find the password shared by you and thus he will be able to connect to the Internet.

The app is growing and the increase in the number of its audience increases the success ratio too. You can find famous WiFi hotspots within the 5 kilometers of range and you can enjoy free WiFi Internet on the go with the help of wifi free Android app.

If you can't find any public hotspot nearer you, simply wait unless someone living around you shares the password on the app. If you know the password of any such network, then you can share it with others to help them find an Internet connection for free.