Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game for Android

Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game
Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game
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Dev: Upbeat Games: Cool Fun and Addicting Games to Play Latest Version: 2.4.6 Updated: Jun 03

Witch Puzzle - Match 3 Game Free APK Download for Android

It is not easy for a new game in the huge world of match 3 puzzle games to make a place and become famous because there already are many great games in the category. However, if a game has a cool gameplay with some unique features, then no doubt it would definitely beat many games and make a place in the hearts of puzzle lovers. This game is another of those unique match 3 puzzle games which climbed a good way in order to reach the top. To play the game, download the free APK right now from our website and begin some real match 3 puzzle fun.

Here is a list of some cool game features which you are going to enjoy in this game.

• A number of spectacular levels for those who love challenges: reaching target scores, clearing all the spider webs, and bringing down all the magic potions.
• Amazing magical boosters to power up for harder levels.
• Combine enchanted items in spectacular combos to clear levels in big matches.
• Free chance to win Boosters when you play on a daily basis.
• Unlock fantastic items by completing levels and also unlock hidden special levels.
• Beat challenging enemies like the Weaver Spider, the Icy Penguin, the Hungry Frog and many others.
• Completely FREE strategy and matching game with FREE updates, including new levels and challenges.
• Seamless Facebook integration to share your progress with friends and invite them to play.
• Super easy and fun to play, but hard to master.

To install this wonderful match 3 puzzle game, obtain the free APK right now from our website and continue the fun.