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Dev: Foose Games Latest Version: 14 Updated: Jun 13

POLICE MONSTERKILL 3D Free APK Download for Android

We are always busy in playing games in which we have thieves and criminals as protagonists while we are trying to save them from the police as they are the villains. Let’s turn the tables over and enter the reality in which your hero police officers are after all the gangster, criminals, and thieves in the city. Police are the real hero and we have to prove our devotion to this heroes by helping them catch all these criminals in this epic action-packed game built solely for the android smartphones. To install this epic run, download the free APK right now from our website and begin the fun.

Prepare your police mobiles, weapons, and it is time to chase these criminals on the roads of the city to catch them and bring them to justice. There are different types of police mobiles which you can use them once you unlock them all. The new police cars are even faster and the equipment in them is enough to take all these mobs. You can also collect weapons while on the run and use them to bust these criminals.

The levels in the game are a lot and each one of the levels is difficult from the other where the challenge gets real. There are a lot of gangs to catch so you won’t be resting very soon. The graphics in the game are also very impressive with the amazing 3D view, physics, and visual effects.

Trust me, this game is going to be a real fun once you start playing it. To do that, download the free APK right now from our device and continue the fun.