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GL Tools is an application that improves the overall graphics of your smartphone by configuring the GPU settings on your smartphone.  GL Tools enables you to play high-end games and also optimizes graphic resolutions, allowing you to play with more speed and better visuals!

If you cannot play games on your mobile due to lags and glitches then this app is for you because GL Tools will enhance the overall performance of your phone so your phone won’t get stuck in the middle when you’re playing a game. GL Tools also provides advanced features where you can customize the design of the game you want to play.

Current Version

The current version of GLTools in use is 4.01 with an installation size of 19.8 MB and is mostly applicable to all major Android devices.


  • You can install GLTools for $1.99 from Google Play Store.
  • In order to install GL Tools on your smartphone, it is necessary to first root your device.
  • GLTools works on low-handsets too. You can easily enhance your graphics without switching to a high-quality smartphone.
  • This app is not compatible with games that use Vulkan.
  • You can customize the name of your GPU, CPU, and RAM.
  • Not only can you optimize the graphics of your smartphone, but GL Tools also allows you to compress, decompress, and change the size of your game.
  • You can also modify the graphics and resolution of any app.
  • If you’re not sure about the features of the app you can always measure the graphic improvements by an on-screen FPS counter provided by the app itself.
  • You can also improve graphics and customize shades by antialiasing.
  • Through GLTools you can now play old games on new Android devices with expert options.
  • You can also change the resolution of any app or game even if the resolution does not support your device by default!
  • You can also improve the graphics of your game by enabling MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing) and CSAA (Coverage Sample Anti- Aliasing) but you will have to check if your GPU supports both of these techniques first.
  • You can now play all major high-end games like Dead Trigger, Real Racing, NBA 2k14, etc and that too on your smartphone!
  • There are no complicated steps involved, allowing even beginners to use the app easily.

Where to download the GLTools?

GL Tools can be easily found on Google Play store but you will have to pay to unlock features of the app. However, if you cannot find it on Google Play Store there are some external links available on the Internet where you can download the app for free. Please make sure that your device is compatible before installing the app because GL Tools only supports Android version 2.3 and above.

Download Links

Here is the direct APK download link for GLTools from our fast and secure servers. Download the original and latest APK file below and GLTools start enjoying a converter tool.

Download GLTools APK

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