Likee Lite APK Download v3.6.12 Latest for Android

Likee Lite APK Download:

Likee Lite video-sharing app for Android has been created by Korean-based developer Samsung. It can be considered as the best video sharing program for Android with the help of easy to use interface and its unique features. Users can easily enjoy the features of this application without any hassles as it comes with a free video cam mode, an in-built video recorder, a video editor, a wallpaper gallery, a dialer, and many more. Features of the latest Likee Lite APK include the following.

Users can easily transfer their videos to their computers with the help of their cellular phones. They can also connect to their computers through wireless networks such as GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and so forth. The video recorder feature allows users to capture a short video clips and share them via different media networking sites. They can then edit and share the video clips on their personal websites, blogs, and social networking sites. It is also possible to share the videos via SMS.


The feature also helps in editing the videos. The latest update of the application makes it possible for users to upload their videos directly to YouTube. They can share videos with their friends as well as a family through the feature. It also allows users to share their videos via email, instant messenger, MMS, and other platforms.

The video editing feature allows users to add text to their videos. The feature provides a number of tools such as a text generator, a text clipping tool, and an image trimming tool. Furthermore, it also allows users to insert beautiful photographs and music tracks. Thus, users enjoy high-quality videos with the help of the precise features of the application.


In addition, the feature offers a number of features that allow users to send videos in a variety of file formats. These include MP4, AVI, JPEG, and FLV. Moreover, users can choose to share videos via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB.

The last but not the least essential function of the application is the viral video sharing feature. This facility allows users to share their videos with their friends and family members. They can also upload their videos on the web. However, users need to sign up for a free account before they can enjoy this facility. Users can also connect their accounts to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Watch Videos:

The video player allows users to enjoy watching videos in high definition. It enables users to view videos in the latest mode – desktop-friendly. Moreover, the Android notification center displays the number of downloaded movies. It also helps in organizing the videos on the home screen.

Likee Lite Video sharing app for Android has many exciting features. This helps in saving a considerable amount of data as well as time. Moreover, it provides an excellent video viewing experience at an affordable price. The video players available on the Android Market are largely inferior when compared with the ones developed by the experts. Thus, the users need to be careful while selecting the right video player for their device.

Video Sharing app:

A video-sharing app needs to be customized to meet the requirements of the users. It has to provide easy and convenient features to make it popular among users. Moreover, the users should get an option to edit and render their videos in different formats such as JPEG, MPEG-2, H.V. Flash, and others.

The video player also offers the option to preview the video and provide comments to the viewers. Users can also rate videos as per their taste. They can rate the videos themselves or through the social media network. The users can also comment on the videos. Thus, the feature makes it easy to connect with friends and families across the globe.

Notification Functions:

The third important feature is the notification function. This useful feature enables the users to keep track of the videos that have been watched. In this respect, the users are able to stay abreast of the number of views. They can also check which videos have been liked or shared by other users.

Large Library videos:

The last but not the least important feature of the Likee Lite video-sharing app for Android is the availability of a large library of videos. This means that the users are able to find the exact video they are looking for. This also allows them to avoid searching for the video on several different websites. All the videos available in the library can be accessed with just one click. Furthermore, the Likee Lite video-sharing app for Android also provides the option to view the video in different resolutions. Thus, the users can change their default settings to fit the video resolution they wish to display.

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You can download the latest Likee Lite APK from this page. The updated Likee Lite APK is being provided to get free.

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