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Chaos Chronicle

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 2.0.3



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Aug 19, 2018


Chaos Chronicle by APKBucket Editorial

Redeem the honor of your house once known as Elders of the world and take revenge from your enemy in a fight against the darkness spread all over the world. In Chaos Chronicle, Take charge of the house and lead company of heroes to glory against evil and darkness and become the symbol of light. Build up your team and play the role of a leader against the monsters and devils of the darkness, make different Strategies in Chaos Chronicle to improve your co-ordination among other house members. To experience one of the best RPG games on android cell phone download the free APK right now.


Recently you are promoted to Leader in your own house, so it’s your responsibility to bring back the lost Honor of your house and fight against the terror of darkness and evil who brought chaos in the world by making different strategies. You will have your own league of heroes with different attacking abilities like melee, ranged and magic characters, improve their skills and strengths by unlocking different items and magic spells through different quests. Customize and develop your heroes with tough training sessions and legendary items training looted in fierce battles against the darkness. Make your house strong through trading, leveling and forging different items.

Battle modes.

In Chaos Chronicles, various modes are introduced. In the adventure mode, assemble your own group of heroes and lead them across the magical world covered with darkness and terror in a campaign mode. In the PVP mode, challenge the opponents in the face to face fierce battles across all over the magical world to bring your home’s lost honor. In the Raid Monsters mode, stand and join the allies all over the world against the mighty Evil boss get rid of his terror. Manatech Towers: want to know how good your strategies are? Test your limits in Manatech towers. Daily Dungeons: Collect different items as a reward with the party to improve your house and heroes.

Beautiful sceneries.

Through a DH5 graphics engine sceneries of the game become more alive and energetic, effects do their job more than a good to attract the RPG game lovers.

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