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Aug 19, 2018




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Aug 19, 2018


Clash Royale by Supercell

If being a fan of strategy games, you want something unique and new where you engage in battle more as an individual hero than a whole clan just like in Clash of Clans then you I guess you are needing this amazing new strategy game called Clash Royale. Clash Royale is an android strategy game developed by Super Cell who are also the developers of Clash of Clans and you may call this one as a sequel of the clash of clans. In this game, instead of going through all the months of building your town halls, raising armies, upgrading troops, and heroes in order to win the battle against the other clans, you engage directly in combat mostly as an individual hero providing you something new. All the characters that are present in the game are from COC and that is why it bring even better entertainment when you enjoy your favorite characters from the clash of clans in a different manner. This game also requires an internet connection since it can only be played online and an age of 13 years is recommended to play it. To get Clash Royale, download it right now from our website and play your cards.

Let us now tell you about some of the key features and game modes of this massive strategy game. 

  • It is time that you go in one-on-one duel against some of the top players of the world.
  • If you beat them, you get trophies as rewards, and in case of defeat, you lose yours.
  • The game is filled with chests spread all across the maps which you can loot to collect some powerful cards, gain new upgrades, and upgrade your players to enhance their skills.
  • Make sure that you completely destroy opponents and never forget their towers to crown yourself as the King.
  • In this game, instead of building clans, you build decks which are your personal bases.
  • You get along some of the top players of the world in different arenas where it should be your victory to make progress.
  • If you make a clan just like COC, you increase your chances of winning due to the maximum sharing of cards and resources.
  • To battle your friends, add them in the game and fight one vs. one against them.
  • You can watch as an spectator and learn different unique tactics from other players.

It is time that you Clash Royale and own the Arena. Keep visiting our website for more amazing games and apps for free. 

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