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App name: Escaping the Prison

APK Version: 1.2.2

File size: 30.89MB

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Henry is a thief who earns money by doing bank heists and shop robberies. He is quite good at his work but got unlucky this time. During his latest bank heist, he got caught by the police. Now he is helpless and us unable to do anything about it. However, to his luck, he recieved a hope in the form of a cake-package. Items in the package are his only hope and tools to escape the prison. Can he do it? Well, that depends completely on you since you will be the player playing this beautiful game named Escaping the Prison. To start playing the game, obtain the free apk from our website and have fun. Given below are some of the important features that are present on this game.

1. Use different techniques to escape the prison. All of it depends on how well your brain works. You will need to use the tools from the cake-package to escape the place.
2. There 3 different endings in the game. You can either leave the prison quietly but it will take some good planing and also good use of brain. You can also leave making  a lot of noise. This make be done quickly and does not require much fun but it won't being you real fun from the game
3. There are 18 different balls in the game which you will need to score extra and complete the game in better way.
4. The graphics in the game are good with impressive visual quality. What's even better is the music that is right acccording to the thrilling environment in the game.
5. The game has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 which is a good evidence for the awesomeness of this game

What are you waiting for? Obtain the free apk from our site right now and help Henry escape prison in this wonderful game Escaping the Prison.

Developer: PuffballsUnited



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