GO Locker - theme & wallpaper

GO Locker - theme & wallpaper

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Aug 19, 2018




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Aug 19, 2018


GO Locker - theme & wallpaper by GOMO Go

Though every phone features a phone locker that serves the privacy purpose very good but sometimes you should know that you can get more. You need to get maximum security for your phone and that’s why app developers have developed 1000s of locker apps that can be found on the play store. GO Locker: Theme & Wallpaper is one of those apps that ensures the maximum security of your phone.

It is always better to use such apps because the built-in apps such as lockers, themes and wallpapers are not always the very best. What else does this GO Locker: Theme & Wallpaper offer? Read the following feature of the app.   First of all you need to know that if you want to use this app then never bother about the old or newer version of phone or operating system that you are using.

Go Locker app is compatible with all Android devices whether old or new. This app is also very light which means that it doesn’t put any extra load on processing and performance of the device. So whichever version of the Android you have got and you want to use this app that you are good to with this app. This supports more than 8000 phones running different operating systems.

Some other more features of the app include themes and wallpapers that bring extra beauty to the phone. GO Locker: Theme & Wallpaper this app comes with variety of beautiful apps and themes which you can apply to your phone and give it a beautiful mesmerizing look. There are various themes and wallpapers including movies, T.V and iPhone wallpapers as well.

This app is considered to be the #1 app in the locker category because of the full proof security it provides. Now your phone won’t just wake on touching home screen and will stay locked until you fill in the credentials. There are also plenty of other features in the app such as different shortcuts to apps and widgets and other features of phone such as settings.   Now you don’t need to unlock your phone each time you receive a text message.

Using GO Locker: Theme & Wallpaper you can read messages from the lock screen. This app also bring you boosting ram feature with the help of which you can increase the speed of your phone by cleaning the running apps. This and much more is waiting for you.

With an app store rating of 4.4, you can know, that how good this GO Locker: Theme & Wallpaper is and you will definitely want to use it. So download the free APK from our website and have fun and full proof phone security with GO Locker: Theme & Wallpaper.

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