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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Perfect Keyboard Free by My Perfect Apps

Are you feeling bad with the default keyboard of your Android device? Download Perfect Keyboard Free now and take the control over your device's touch keyboard. By downloading Perfect Keyboard Free APK file, you can get access to 8 (and counting) themes along with custom dictionaries which let you build a keyboard of your own powered by a style of your own choice along with custom dictionaries that will contain your own phrases and keyword combinations.

By default, there are about 8 inbuilt themes in Perfect Keyboard Free. These themes are different than each other in several layout aspects and you can choose one that your eyes love. Moreover, you may feel difficult typing in your language on your Android device just in case you are new to the touch keyboard as well as new to the default dictionary of Android OS. By downloading and installing Perfect Keyboard Free with its APK file, you can get a custom dictionary that will remember your phrases thus you can start writing even in your local language too. The keyboard app will remember even pet names of your friends and you can easily type them by choosing from suggestions later. Perfect Keyboard Free will make typing super-fast and easy for you with the smaller keyboard layout of your Android device's keyboard.

When the keyboard is touched to input words, your Android device vibrates. With Perfect Keyboard Free Android app, you can control that vibration intensity and you can define how strong should your device vibrate while you are typing. In addition to this, several other configuration options are also there which make Perfect Keyboard Free a complete and robust keyboard app for your Android device.

You must be knowing about the text to speech engines. These software apps convert your text to spoken words but Perfect Keyboard Free takes a step ahead of these tools by providing speech to text feature. You simply need to speak in front of your device and the keyboard will type whatever you will say. Isn't this cool? Indeed, it is an amazing feature which must save a great amount of time as well as some good efforts at your end. Please remember that this speech to text feature supports only selected languages.

The layout is though optimized by default but you can customize it further to give it a look and feel according to your eyes' taste. Perfect Keyboard Free has dedicated layouts for both mobile devices and tablets, meaning that you will find the separate layout of the keyboard on small screens and larger ones. In such a way, Perfect Keyboard Free tries to bring the best possible experience for you on devices regardless of their screen sizes.

All above discussed and several other features are included in free version of the keyboard app but when you decide to invest a few bucks in purchasing the premium version, it unlocks several more features some of which have been discussed below:

  • More keyboard themes
  • Lets you customize the color and style of font
  • Configurable background
  • Accurate prediction for next word while you are typing
  • Gesture controls
  • Configurable colors of word suggestions and many more features

You may not need to purchase the pro version of Perfect Keyboard Free as the free version is powerful and feature-rich as well. Download Perfect Keyboard Free APK file to test its features first and wherever you will feel to unlock additional features, you can purchase the pro version.




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