Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness v1.1.4 APK

App name: Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness

APK Version: 1.1.4

File size: 81.70MB

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Rooms of Dooms, this game is the collection of mini games. The story of the game revolves around an evil scientist Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom is working on to create evil minions to take over the world and the world then get feared by the name of Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom give the task to make a Turbit from the combination of Rabbit and Turtle, He zapped to create a bumblebear from Bear and Bee, Isn't this great? Dr.Doom wants to make a Room of Doom from the perfect combinations. He wants user to help him find out the best combination for the minion or which combination is powerful for the room of Dooms. From Snails and TVs, User can create crazy hybrid minions which can be tested in the Room Of Dooms.So if you want to enjoy the madness of Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness you just have to click on the download button and install the apk of Rooms of Doom- Minion madness in your Android device.

Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness Features.

Developer: Yodo1 Games


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