Wifi Analyzer v3.10.3-L APK

App name: Wifi Analyzer

APK Version: 3.10.3-L

File size: 1.51MB

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Wifi Analyzer helps you find a less crowded WiFi hotspot to connect to. There are several apps of this kind out there among which WiFi Manager is a solid example. But if that app doesn't do well on your Android device, then Wifi Analyzer should be your first bet. Download Wifi Analyzer APK file now to find the best hotspot where there aren't too many users connected to so you will experience a faster Internet surfing or media download.

On public places like bus stands, coffee shops, airports and others, there are always a lot of WiFi hotspots available but it is a hard job to detect which one is the fastest and less-crowded. If you go through the manual way by testing the speed of the connections yourself, then it is going to take a lot of time as well as it isn't going to produce the accurate results. So the best option is to download Wifi Analyzer APK file to install on your device and let it do the job for you. It will carefully analyze the available networks and will sort out the best one automatically. As there are a lot of positive reviews by thousands of Android users, so you can trust on the research conducted by Wifi Analyzer in order to find the most stable WiFi network for you.

By downloading and installing this free app, you can always have a faster Internet connection. Download the app for free from our store APKBucket's cloud servers and install the app for free or you may visit Google Play Store URL to read some reviews by Wifi Analyzer's users.

Developer: farproc


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