Blackmart Alpha (Blackmartalpha) APK

07 Aug 2020
Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha (aka. Blackmartalpha) is an Android apps marketplace that brings a platform for Android users to share APK files with each other. As the name depicts, it is the black market of Android apps where you can get access to thousands of cracked and premium apps.

As of 2020, Blackmart Alpha might have stopped working as their servers were down when we last tested. Moreover, we struggled to find the latest available APK file of Blackmart Alpha and after a thorough research, we have found the latest APK file for you.

About Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is an alternative to Aptoide, ACMarekt, Google Play Store, and other Android apps markets. This was a B2B platform initially. Users of Blackmart Alpha were sharing APK files with each others and the platform was run by the users entirely.

Blackmart Alpha’s team was just providing the APK hosting infrastructure and the app itself. By the contribution of Android users, Blackmart Alpha had a very huge collection of paid and free APK files of games and apps.

Is Blackmart Alpha Safe?

No, the legitimacy of the apps and games APKs available at Blackmart Alpha marketplace isn’t guaranteed. As the users were allowed to share the APK file with each others, the security isn’t guaranteed. The marketplace must had malicious APK files in addition to the clean ones.

If you are intending to download APK files of free or paid apps and games using Blackmart Alpha on your Android device, you should take the proper security measures to ensure that you don’t end up downloading infected files.

Is Blackmart APK maintained?

We didn’t find any clue either this app is currently being maintained and updated or not. Chances are that the developers and founders behind Blackmart Alpha have given up and they are not investing time and money in keeping the app up to date.

The APK file that we have brought to you is the latest available one. This is a year old APK file but you can give it a try to see either you are able to download APKs from the Blackmart Alpha marketplace or not. If you fail to get this app working, chances are that Blackmart Alpha is not active anymore.

Why choose APKBucket for Blackmart APK?

We are among a very few websites out there that still provide you the original Blackmart Alpha latest installer file. You will not be able to find the APK file for this app easily from other sources or the download speed that you will get from the other sources will be horribly slow.

To download latest Blackmart APK file at a blazing fast speed, follow the download link provided at the bottom of this page.

Below, you will find the download link for the latest Blackmart Alpha installable file. Download the APK file to your phone or the table, and install this marketplace app on your device.

Download Blackmart Alpha APK (Size: 7.3 MB)

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