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Aug 20, 2018


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Aug 20, 2018


Simplelocker Cleaner by APKBucket Editorial

Simplelocker is a virus and if you have downloaded this app on your device already, then chances are that it has already infected your device. To remove that virus from your phone and to restore the access to your data, you need to download and install Simplelocker Cleaner by downloading its APK file from our store. If you don't know what Simplelocker is, then here is a brief introduction to this app.

What is Simplelocker:

Simplelocker is an Android app that can damage data on the phones and tablets it is installed on. When Simplelocker is installed, the files on the phone or the tablet become unusable as this app encrypts the entire data. To unlock the data again, it asks for a fee so the phone user ends up in either paying some good amount of money as the fee or losses the data without any gain. If you are a victim of Simplelocker, then you can download Simplelocker Cleaner APK file to clean this virus and its residues from your phone easily.

Here are the steps to remove Simplelocker virus from your device.

Steps to Remove Simplelocker:

  • Download APK file of Simplelocker Cleaner from our site
  • Transfer the APK to your phone if you used your PC to download this file
  • Install the app on your phone
  • Try to launch the app and once Simplelocker Cleaner is launched, follow its instructions

Sometimes this trick may not work. If you fail to install the app with its APK file (as sometimes Simplelocker virus freezes certain parts of your device), then here are the alternate steps to remove this virus from your device and get your data back.

  • Visit Google Play Store on your PC and sign in using the same Google account that the infected device is currently using
  • Find Simplelocker Cleaner app (by Cheetah Mobile)
  • Select your target device and click install
  • The app should be installed on your device

Once this app is installed on your infected phone or the tablet, follow the steps described above and launch Simplelocker Cleaner app on your device. After that follow the instructions to start removal of the virus. Once this removal process completes successfully, you should be able to access your data normally as before.

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