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Aug 19, 2018




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Aug 19, 2018


Songify by Smule by Smule

Songify is a wonderful app for creating your own songs. When you speak into your Android device, the app magically turns your speech into a song. There are more than nine million people all over the world who are addicted to Songify and having fun with this amazing app. Songify is the official app of the Gregory Brothers who are also the creators of the AutoTune The News series on YouTube, besides other viral video hits such as “Can’t Hug Every Cat”, “Bed Intruder Song”, “Double Rainbow”, and “Winning”.
Songify app has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Forbes, MSNBC, Washington Post, The Guardian Mashable, and many more. Songify is another definition of fun. Turning your speech into song is great fun. It is the wonderful way to get famous. The app is intelligent and fun. Songify is the superb app to run on your Android phones and tablets. It allows you to songify yourself with these popular tracks, Bed Intruder, Double Rainbow, Can’t Hug Every Cat, Winning and many more. This unique technology of Songify is invented by Smule that turns speech into music. Besides, it is not the same as Antares Auto-Tune, which does not work on speech. Using this app is great fun. Songify never lets you get bored. If you want to be a singer and want your songs to be famous, you must download this app. As soon as you download the app, you will get surprised by its fantastic features that are made just to make your experience the best with it. Songify is the highly admired app and is being used by a wide range of people across the world. It is one of the best apps on Google Play. You can send your feedback and get connected to it by the following links;,,,, and


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