2048 Number puzzle game

2048 Number puzzle game

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Publish date

Aug 19, 2018


Version 7.02



Updated date

Aug 19, 2018


2048 Number puzzle game by Estoty Entertainment LLC

If you are a puzzle games-addicted, 2048 Number Puzzle Game is here for you. It is a great fun and amusing version of 2048 game. It is the most fantastic and perfect 2048 number puzzle for Android phones and tablets. It lets you explore hard challenges for your mind.  It is a wonderful time pass which never allows you to get bored. 

2048 Number Puzzle is very easy to learn and play. You move the tiles by swiping them.  When two tiles, having the same number stroke, they combine into one. Basically, your target is to create ‘2048’ number tile. When the tile is created the player wins. For example; 8 ... 16 ...  1024 ... 2048 .   It has got moving features. It has Super 2048 multiplayer mode in it. You do not need to save your game for 2048 Number Puzzle saves it automatically. There are three unique modes of it. It allows you to undo your moves without any limit. It has time survival mode as well. There is an x tile mode in it. It has got day and night themes as well. If you are playing the game in bed, you can switch to night theme. Different levels are there to boost your interest and skills. So, complete them to upgrade your leaderboards and achievements. 

The 2048 Number Puzzle game has very crispy sounds and other settings. There are too enchanting animation controls to fascinate you every time. It has got attractive and simple UI.  You can easily share your game with your friends. Having collected 2048 tile, you can keep playing for making more High scores.  This game supports all Android 2.2 plus and other above devices. It is the most excellent 2048 Android version functioning. Nevertheless, your feedback is gladly taken. So, if you feel any lack or want to share your suggestions, feel free to contact us.   

The 2048 Number Puzzle has made many improvements on all devices so far. It has added Google Play Leaderboard. Besides, you are allowed to save game state and continue to play it later whenever you want. Furthermore, you can keep game on even having made the 2048 tile. Doing this, you can make more and more score. Before, this option was not there. Moreover, now it has put in 2 game modes that are Pro and Beginner. Hence, you can choose them as per your expertise. Its pleasant sounds and music make you enjoy it more. So, what are you waiting for! Just get on it and have fun with this exciting game.

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