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To stay updated about the weather is one of our daily things we do. Whether you are planning a picnic or some work trip, weather tracking is really important. For that, some of us stick of TV while some use their smartphones. Fortunately, there are a lot of apps that are going to give you weather updates. However, you need to find an app which is simply perfect. Just like Amber Weather which is simply the best app for the purpose. Want to know why? Don’t worry we are going to share a lot of its features in this post. Also, we are going to provide you a free Amber Weather APK. You can download the free APK and stay updated about weather conditions. So, keep reading ahead to know what is better in this weather app.

Amber Weather Features.

Following are the features that are the reasons why you must have this app as your weather gadget.

• Map present in the Amber Weather works best with any of your internet connection. Whether you are using 3G or Wi-Fi, it's quick responsive map will keep you updated.

• This app simply is a blessing on a phone with higher resolutions. That is because it gives you the best ever map resolution that you can get on your smartphone. The better smartphone you have better will be the image resolution results you get from the app.

• GPS is one of the basic features of this map. Its quick working GPS will keep you updated on the location and stuff. Make sure that you have your GPS on while you are out to have knowledge of your surroundings.

• Compass layout present in the app is simply adorable. You will love the display and working of it using Amber Weather. This app really brings you great things from the weather world.

• This app is the completely user tested and has almost all features that you can get. Weather it is the temperature, climate or anything related to weather, Amber Weather brings it out for you.

• Some of the most important plotting such as earth quake, tropical, and storm, are all present in this app. What else would anyone expect from a weather app which is too perfect?

• You can get daily notifications about the weather report and temperature in your notification area. Doesn’t matter if you forgot to check the app, it will itself notify you.

• The app provides you some extra widgets to keep and have some quick access to the features.

So this was all from the amazing weather app. Download the free Amber Weather APK and enjoy the app. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback on the app.

Developer: Amber Mobile Limited



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