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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Fusion Music by APKBucket Editorial

Music is considered the soul of the universe. There are a lot of apps for music in the market, but if you want to have an app for free and without any advertisements, the Fusion Music Player is the best app for you. It has made it a lot easier to find any music. You can discover music by its album or artist. You can also get access to online music. Its design is very cool and smart which is based on Ice Cream Sandwich UX. It can be locked as well. It supports Shake and Wave Gesture. It updates the covers, images of the artists and their biography by default.

It has got a groovy equalizer with 12 presets. It has virtual surround sound support when you put on headphones. Besides, there is an internet radio in it which supports over 50000 stations across the world. It creates dynamic playlist for your rated and favorite songs by fusion player itself. It tells you about the top songs weekly too. It has got many effects of Song Visualizations. You can share those songs on Facebook and Twitter. It also has MP3 cutter and APP2SD in it. It is able to alert you through notifications. It supports YouTube as well. You can discover music through it. Even you can listen to or scan music while bringing out related online suggestions. You can download music for free even from public online sources right away. Download free APK file on this page to install Fusion Music Player on your device.

This app is very user-friendly, well known for its performance on Ice Cream Sandwich, which is very simple and smooth. You can experience it yourself to get fascinated by it. You can easily run this player on your GingerBread Phone. It lets you updated with trendy and latest albums. It also updates your collections at the time. You can have individualistic and region specific music as well. For it, you will have to go to settings and then enable ‘Regional Content. More regional contents are being brought out. You are free to share songs with your friends wherever you want, copying their URL. With just a click, it enables you to share music with your friends whether they are on Facebook or Twitter etc. Furthermore, you can have an incredible music experience with its 12 level equalizer and multiple presets. It has got rich graphical visualizing effects to illustrate the strokes of the music.

Moreover, you can browse through the pictures of your albums and artists. You can enable this option if you have proper Metadata. However, you can try to edit Metadata if your Metadata is not appropriate. It gives you suggestions to make it simpler and easier.  Now more and more radio stations are being introduced. Now radio is not just the monotonous streaming. Fusion Music fetches cover arts for the songs and makes it visually appealing. So, you can look at cover art while listening to the music. Also besides, you can have a look at similar tracks from online suggestions. Besides, it has some other interesting features regarding your contacts. So, when they ring you, this Fusion Player stirs up the emotion. It allows many other functions to set. You can also set songs as your ringtone. Finally, it is a wonderful app which never gets you bored by its splendid features.

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