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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Beats Audio by APKBucket Editorial

Music is something that is loved and enjoyed by all the people around the world. And that is the reasons why whenever you look into a field whether is from technology or other music fields, you will see people working harder to get the recognition from the people around the world. Just like people are striving for music field, our app developers are also trying their best to keep bringing something new to the field of music and 1000s of app on the Google play store are the fruit of their hard work. Another of such apps related to the field of music is Beats Audio. This is an amazing music app that gives you a lot of ringtones, and other music that you would need on your phone. Though this app has a lot of features that you can discover while using it, I am going to bring you some of them here.

  • First of all you need to know that when you go to download this app, you should never worry about the operating system version of your android device or how old it is. That is because this app is supported on all the android devices and all the android operating systems. This app isn’t very heavy so you can use it on an old android phone
  • 2nd thing that should be mentioned in the features of this is the music quality. It provides you a very high music quality which never ever does below 192 bits. Which means now you can have all your favorite ringtones and alarm tunes in higher qualities and they will sound more pleasant than ever
  • It provides you some amazing ringtones that you can use as your caller tune and for other purposes. Alarm tunes are sweet enough to keep you up in the morning. Due to the good music quality you won’t get any harsh sounds coming from these ring and alarm tones like many other apps
  • This app has a very easy to use search bar where you can look for a ringtone simply by typing the basic keyword and it will give the accurate and nearest results

So what are you waiting for? We don’t come across apps like this every day. So, download this app right now from our site and have an amazing music experience.

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